How to keep your boyfriend interested

There are several ways which can help one keep a boyfriend. One is to be open and effective. You should always ask for his opinion. Never assume that you know what he thinks. When asking him about his thoughts on anything, be respectful and patient. If you need something from him, you should ask. Never assume that he knows what you need. Be honest when asking for something from him. Another way is to show genuine interest in him. Talk to him about your goals. Share things that meaningful to you and allow him to do the same.

Make it a habit to know how his day was. Maintain physical intimacy together. This is by holding hands, embracing each other and kissing. This will make him feel wanted by you. Always give him a listening ear. Know how he likes. Communicate and agree with each other on physical intimacy. Being emotionally generous will also help in keeping a boyfriend. Make your actions show that you love him. Do not be emotionally manipulated. Be honest and respect each other’s feelings. Do not play games with each other’s feelings. Never cheat to make his jealous. Know his friends.

If you do not like some of his friends, do not ask him to leave them. Hang out with your friends together as well as his friends. You should maintain good boundaries. Always know that you are two unique individuals. Admire and respect that each of you is independence. Each of you should have his/her space. Respects you differences and allow time to pursue your individual interests. Time alone does not mean that you do not need each other. However, it will save you from misunderstanding and being hurt.

Know how to deal with conflicts because conflicts will always be there as far as relationships are concern. Be wise enough on how you will deal with them without hurting any of you. Disagree respectively as this will either build or break the relationship. Learn how to apologize when you are wrong and promise not to repeat the mistake again. Always bear in mind that a healthy fight leads to a healthy relationship.

Last but not least, learn to respect him as an individual. Give full attention when you are with him. You should also respect his feelings. Show that you appreciate him and respect his differences as we are all created differently. Do not go into the relationship expecting him to change.

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