Practising Yoga After Pregnancy

Yoga is probably one of the most popular exercises today especially for women. It not only allows you to work out but is also designed for relaxation purposes. It’s a total body workout and while it may seem easy enough, it is actually harder than it looks. This is why not everyone should engage in this exercise especially if you are pregnant. It is a big no-no for anyone carrying a baby to be subjecting yourself to strenuous exercise as it can affect the health and safety of the child you are carrying.

After giving birth, you might be itching and raring to get back to your exercise routine after 9 months of little to no exercise. You may even start to compare your old figure to your current post-pregnancy figure. However, getting back to exercise and yoga after pregnancy is not something you should do right away.

Before engaging in any exercise, first consult your doctor if you are ready to get back on the saddle. Typically, doctors advise to keep away from exercise for at least 6 weeks to let your body heal from the damage and strain it experienced during child birth. You would not want to cause your body extra harm by engaging in exercise when you’re not yet ready. For those who had a C-section or had a complicated birth, your doctor may recommend that you stay off exercise a bit longer. Whatever the case may be, always consult your doctor first before starting.

Once your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, you may be well on your way to getting back to shape. Remember that your pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy body may be different because of the strain of pregnancy, lack of exercise and the food intake. However, this should not discourage you as it is very possible to get back into shape by doing yoga.

Make sure that you don’t start difficult and heavy routines right away. Just like someone who has been sick, start with light exercises first and let your body get used to the exercises before you slowly progress to harder and harder yoga routines. Try to build your strength up so you don’t shock your system which may cause further problems down the line. Remember that your body has been under a huge amount of strain and will need time to recover. You can start with some yoga exercises at home with the yoga burn dvdbefore going back to your regular yoga routine.

Remember that the key is to ensure your body can recover first from the strain of childbirth, then gradually build up your endurance and strength so that you can get back into shape. It took you nine months to give birth; it may take as long as nine months to get back into your pre-pregnancy figure. The most important thing is to think of your health first and not to rush into things.

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