Some Tips to Get a Boyfriend

Sometimes getting boys to pay attention to you can be quite a challenge. The good news is that you do not have to be the prettiest or most popular girl to get a boyfriend. You just have to put in a bit of effort and pursue the right kind of guys. This might sound easy but it is anything but. Here is a list of common mistakes you must avoid if you want to get a guy interested in you.


Avoid Becoming a Wallflower

A wallflower is someone who leans against the wall at parties rather than socializing with the other guests. Wallflowers are invisible to boys, so get comfortable with the idea of being more social. If you are a naturally shy girl, make a concerted effort to put yourself out there more and strike up conversations with guys. This will put you on their radar, and from there it is only a matter of time before someone takes an interest in you.

Give the Nice Guys a Chance

A large percentage of girls who are unhappy in their relationships owe this fact to their bad taste in guys. You will never find a great guy if you only go for the selfish jerks. They say nice guys finish last but if you want to be with someone who makes you happy make sure you give the nice guys a chance. Getting a boyfriend involves knowing how to distinguish the good guys from the bad ones, so look past the exterior and pursue a guy with a good heart and not just a handsome face.

Do Not Be Afraid to Take a Risk

It used to be that boys pursued girls and not vice versa. While old traditions die hard, this dynamic has changed a bit. These days it is okay for a girl to make the first move and express her interest. A flirtatious smile here and there will let him know that he has a chance should he decide to go for it. In most cases, this is all it takes to get the hero instinct in him to want to chase you. It is still best to be subtle with your hints, as guys tend to get turned off if a girl is too forward. Give him a sign or two, but let him do the majority of the chasing.

Do Not Be Too Quick to Say No

If a guy you are not immediately interested in asks you out, accept the invitation and give him a fighting chance. Instant attraction is great, but sometimes it takes a while for you to see someone in a romantic light. Keep an open mind, as you never know who will steal your heart if given half a chance.

Be patient and stay open to the possibilities, and sooner or later the right guy will come into your life. Now that you know how to get a boyfriend, get out there and find one

Practising Yoga After Pregnancy

Yoga is probably one of the most popular exercises today especially for women. It not only allows you to work out but is also designed for relaxation purposes. It’s a total body workout and while it may seem easy enough, it is actually harder than it looks. This is why not everyone should engage in this exercise especially if you are pregnant. It is a big no-no for anyone carrying a baby to be subjecting yourself to strenuous exercise as it can affect the health and safety of the child you are carrying.

After giving birth, you might be itching and raring to get back to your exercise routine after 9 months of little to no exercise. You may even start to compare your old figure to your current post-pregnancy figure. However, getting back to exercise and yoga after pregnancy is not something you should do right away.

Before engaging in any exercise, first consult your doctor if you are ready to get back on the saddle. Typically, doctors advise to keep away from exercise for at least 6 weeks to let your body heal from the damage and strain it experienced during child birth. You would not want to cause your body extra harm by engaging in exercise when you’re not yet ready. For those who had a C-section or had a complicated birth, your doctor may recommend that you stay off exercise a bit longer. Whatever the case may be, always consult your doctor first before starting.

Once your doctor gives you a clean bill of health, you may be well on your way to getting back to shape. Remember that your pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy body may be different because of the strain of pregnancy, lack of exercise and the food intake. However, this should not discourage you as it is very possible to get back into shape by doing yoga.

Make sure that you don’t start difficult and heavy routines right away. Just like someone who has been sick, start with light exercises first and let your body get used to the exercises before you slowly progress to harder and harder yoga routines. Try to build your strength up so you don’t shock your system which may cause further problems down the line. Remember that your body has been under a huge amount of strain and will need time to recover. You can start with some yoga exercises at home with a yoga dvd before going back to your regular yoga routine.

Remember that the key is to ensure your body can recover first from the strain of childbirth, then gradually build up your endurance and strength so that you can get back into shape. It took you nine months to give birth; it may take as long as nine months to get back into your pre-pregnancy figure. The most important thing is to think of your health first and not to rush into things.

Ten shocking signs of Gluten intolerance

Do you consume rye, barley or wheat in your diet? Does it have any effect on your health? The foods named can cause health complications due to gluten that they contain. You may feel dizzy but you do not know the reason why or have a lot of gas but you cannot explain it. Those are among the signs of gluten intolerance or sensitivity that are explained below.

Brain fog

Have you found yourself not thinking clearly? Then that is brain fog. In this situation you feel completely disconnected from anything; barely thinking properly. There is a reason behind the weird condition is reaction of antibodies to gluten. This causes inflammation of the brain cells hence the mental fogginess.

Skin complications

The top layer of your skin may have rashes, watery blisters that appear like pimples or burning of the skin. This is a clear sign of gluten intolerance. In this case, the skin has painful blisters and there is a lot of itching.

Persistent Fatigue

Have you slept so much and you realize that you are still tired? Something may be wrong somewhere. It is not in order for you to sleep for long and come out as if you have been weight lifting. Gluten makes one feel so tired even after getting enough rest.

Anxiety and Depression

Someone suffering from this disorder feels hopeless and lacking interest. It destroys moods and loss control of their tempers frequently. This also causes loss of appetite for individuals suffering from Celiac disease. Fear creeps in and it mimics heart attacks.

Digestion problems

It is not all people who suffer digestion dysfunction have the allergy. However, it is the main symptom of one suffering from the problem. There is abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. It also includes having excess gas and excess bloating.

Serious headaches

Due to the uncomfortableness of the brain, there arise headaches. They are referred to as migraines. They arise shortly after consumption of food like rye and wheat. Note that this sign should not be taken for granted.

Pain in the joints

The pain arises due to inflammation of the joints. It is virtually in all joints including the fingers, knees and the hips. In most cases it may be misdiagnosed to be arthritis. However if gluten is removed from the diet, the pain will disappear.

Lactose sensitivity

If you have a problem digesting lactose containing foods then chances are that you are sensitive. Gluten compromises the stomach lining and lactase enzyme hence their digestion problem.

Neurologic signs

Being dizzy and always off balance is one sign of Celiac disease. In this case your balance is totally not in order and it always threatens to be off you.

Unexplained infertility

Do you want to get pregnant but this fails every time? The problem could be the barley or wheat that you consume. It cause hormonal imbalance that can prevent pregnancy from occurring.

The signs of gluten intolerance are more often than not misread by people. Do not sit waiting to be diagnosed by a doctor. It requires that once you identify them, remove gluten from your diet at once and observe the effect. This measure means that you see the doctor a minimal number of times.